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Yes! You would be a great fit as a SeneGence Distributor!

And based on your answers, your business would likely thrive with an in-person approach accented with social media!

You really enjoy face to face relationships! You care about relationships and wish to stay connected to people that mean a lot to you or those who inspire you with their creativity and lifestyle. You might be highly gifted at pulling together a really fun girls' night or just love hanging with your people. Sharing your life with others is huge for you and you enjoy helping those who may also be in your shoes through your personal recommendations and experiences.

Combine in-person events with social sharing to win in this business

You would likely be a great content creator if you aren't already! I’ve found that many of the girls on our team who thrive with in-person face-time are able to host fun distributor events and also channel that passion onto social media to grow their business there as well! Running a successful business requires two things: deep trust and continual interest, no matter the size of your local friend circles or your following! People want to be a part of your life, your personality, your family, and your perspectives on things! Everybody is different and yours is likely already very fascinating to so many gals that currently know you or follow you on social media! ✨❤️

Our team’s top distributor blueprint & Approach

  • You share about your life and creatively showcase the products in your own fun way for others to see and participate!

  • You prioritize the customer’s experience as most important - from your events to your packaging, from your DMs to your thank you notes, it all works together to grow your biz!

  • You’ve really thought about it before you join and are personally committed to growing your business for 3-5 months.

  • You understand that to build a successful business, it will take time, effort, and some financial investment to get things off the ground and profitable!

What this means for you

I think you should really consider it, given your interests! Again, even if you are not currently super active on social or don’t currently share a ton, you are absolutely like most of the top girls on our team when they started! Almost all were not influencers or regular content creators before they joined, but rather picked it up along the way, started with an event or two and have each made very profitable small shops! Just starting and learning through practice is the way you’ll grow your business! ❤️

Send me a personal DM with your questions!


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Buy Senegence LipSense Pricing

So, How do I earn income?

The most generous compensation plan I've ever seen

There are essentially two ways to earn money with SeneGence®! The first is through selling your personal inventory that you buy at a discounted rate. For example, you buy a gloss for $10 and sell it for $20 and pocket the difference. 

The second way to earn money is by earning commission off the #girlbosses who join YOUR team! You can also enjoy earning awesome rewards like trips and even a new car allowance! For just a $55 membership fee, you honestly have nothing to loose and everything to gain. 🙌


How much do I have to BUY?

Buy as much as you want, whenever you want  🎉

Once you sign up, you can buy products 20% - 50% off of the retail price, depending the size of your order. There are no monthly minimums for ordering, which is incredible! There are zero hidden fees, no auto-ships, no cancellation fees with pressure at all.

To keep stay an active distributor, you just have to purchase $200 worth of product every six months which is very easy to do if you're buying for the personal discount, for a few friends, or as gifts. If you don't hit that, your account simply goes inactive. No harm, no foul. 

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Shop SeneGence LipSense colors and become a distributor

What are the membership perks?

Get 20-50% off all your orders 

As a member you always receive minimum 20% off, and based on the size of your order, you can receive up to 50% off! You can join my team here and I’ll help you set up your account so you can start ordering.


We're a team of joyful women who strive to bless others

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A fun & vibrant community

We keep things real. We have a blast together, get inspiration from each other, and have fun! It's so important to join a driven, positive team to get the support you need and truly cares for you. 


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Weekly Trainings & mentorship

As your personal mentor and friend, I'll teach you how to launch your biz and build your personal brand through trainings, templates, modern marketing materials, and 1:1!


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SeneGence's compensation plan is by far the most generous plan out there. Get 20-50% off products and earn commission checks when girls join your team. 


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What will people think of me?

The selling approach has
radically changed

Let's be real, no one likes that annoying MLM girl that bugs her friends! It's now about giving instead of asking and sharing with others to build trust - it's literally so much more fun! This is an entirely new way of selling that builds genuine friendships and followers. Don't spam your current followers - instead, I'll help you build a brand and teach you how to build that following to sell!

This Beauty Called Ours brand vibes

SeneGence LipSense morning coffee


A flexible business that you can match to your lifestyle 💃

It's all up to you. Some distributors do it on the side or on weekends to earn some additional income, while others, who are seeking a work-from-home career set on their own terms, treat it as their full time job! It all correlates with your "why" and whichever goals you are working towards! SeneGence gives you the choice to love the products, to love the lifestyle or both! I can help you reach whatever lifestyle and income goals, big or small, you are looking for yourself or your family. 


Do I have to buy a ton of inventory?

Order what you want, when you want, all on your terms

This makes it so easy to get going quickly with no risk financially. You can launch as a distributor by simply taking pre-orders and then ship the products to your customers once your product order arrives a few days later! Or you can build your personal inventory and stock for a more powerful launch with faster order fulfillment.

It's all up to you on how you want to go about it! SeneGence's amazing products really do sell themselves because they are so unique and apply to women in all walks of life.

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Emma Steadman SeneGence LipSense training and community

How will I know Where to start?

I'm here for you every step of the way 

Once you sign up, I'll send you The 7 Launch Steps, my custom video series on how to launch your biz! I’ll be here every step of the way training you on how to build your personal brand, how to create a vibrant Instagram following, how to take beautiful pictures, and how to grow a trusting audience. We're in this together and we would love to have you join our thriving community!


The girls on our team have built true friendships and are here for eachother


"I literally made sales while I was in the hospital giving birth! Since starting two months ago, I've made enough money to cover her birth AND a few mortgage payments 😭 🙌"

— Maegen Mills, @the moderntulip


"Y'all, in my first month alone, SeneGence has brought financial security and relief, fun, money, and growth I had no idea I needed in my life. I can't wait to see what comes next."

— Hannah M.

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Watch how we’re
doing things differently 💃  



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Overview Ebook! 

Tap on my free ebook to learn more about my modern approach to selling LipSense on Instagram while having a blast building a brand! 🔥👇

read it here (no email required!) →


"Girl - seriously, so helpful! It answered all my questions!"

— Jessica, 27, Los Angeles




My new distributor
onboarding video series

I recently launched a new online learning series and checklists for new distributors who join my team! Helpful videos, guides, and much more!



Launch your biz faster with my helpful walkthrough guides!

These are exactly what I wish I had when I got started! I've put together an awesome collection of super helpful resources for you to use as you kick things off!  😍 🌟



LIVE team trainings every week

I go LIVE on our team’s Facebook group every week and dive into super practical 30-minute trainings to help you grow your business. These are super fun and straight to the point!



This Beauty Called Ours Podcast is a series of candid conversations on growing a social business.



Sign up here!

If you’d love some extra income or just want to be a part of this awesome community, I’d love to have you join us! Sign up below and I will reach out immediately so we can get you set up!

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My LipSense Story

Hey girl, I'm Emma! 

Born and raised a California girl, now living in Tennessee, married to my high school sweetheart Nick, and mama to my two little girls. Thank you so much for hanging out with me here!

So I had seen LipSense around for awhile, and it had always intrigued me, but after going to a wedding and having lipstick smeared all over my teeth when I smiled for pictures, I finally caved in and bought three colors to try. From the very first color I cracked open (Napa!), I was immediately hooked and wanted all the rest of the colors!


"I initially thought about becoming a distributor for the fun discount, and to be honest, I never ever (ever!) saw myself selling it"


I don't know why really, but I think maybe everyone feels that way about an MLM due to the terrible approach so many distributors use to manipulate others into joining or burning their social media following. For me, I thought about how I could flip the approach by adding value through fun content and offering my following the choice to follow my new LipSense account. Something changed in my mind and I have the "aha! moment" of how everything could change just by saying yes to an opportunity, trying something new, and doing it in a way that blessed others through fun, engaging, and meaningful daily Instagram content.


For about a year now our little family has felt the call to adoption and truly feel led in that path for our lives. But, I'm sure you know that adoption is incredibly expensive and unfortunately why many people have to say no. But, I had the thought of, "oh my goodness, what if saying yes to this opportunity means that we could bring our baby home sooner?" and after that I haven't looked back. We have a lot of unknowns ahead of us and several goals to get to before we can officially jump in, but we know the desire is there and that it's in God's hands. 


So I made the decision to jump in and give it my best shot. The positive response has been overwhelming as I'm setting a new standard and approach to girls doing MLM in the modern social content era. Instead of annoying others to make a quick buck, I believe in joy, sisterhood, and sharing while having a blast every day.


Instead of annoying others to make a quick buck, I believe in joy, sisterhood, and sharing while having a blast every day.


I have now been with SeneGence selling makeup and skin care for about 18 months and I've been able to build up an amazing team and sisterhood of girls, and we’ve built a great business around selling these products! Our team is about 300 women strong and I have so much fun with them. And as you can guess, this has changed our family's life for the better.


Not only my life but for so many girls on my team too. My girls are able to be stay-at-home moms, pay off debt, and pay for family vacations and things they would have never been able to do prior. With this incredible momentum, we've quickly grown to be the second fastest growing team in the company. 


DM me with any questions!



My biggest focus now is mentoring and training the girls on my team - I send out walkthrough guides, templates, free resources, do a Facebook live trainings each week where I'll break down how to succeed in every aspect of the business while building an awesome personal brand in 2019. We also just launched Season 1 of our Podcast to help our team learn more on-the-go.

If you're ready to own your own business and join an amazing team, reach out for more info - I'd be thrilled to point you in the right direction. I'm in the trenches of it all and would love to help you launch you own biz and work alongside you as we grow in this together!