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Launch your biz faster with my
helpful walkthrough guides!

In order to help you quickly get up-and-running with minimal time and effort, I've put together an awesome collection of custom materials, relevant guides, templates, checklists, shopping lists, scripts, and imagery resources for you to enjoy, apply, and replicate as you grow your business! These are exactly what I wish I had when I got started.




My new distributor
onboarding video series

I recently launched a new online learning series for new distributors who join my team! Helpful videos, guides, checklists and much more!

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How to Have a Successful Launch: Guide & Checklist 

A helpful overview of next steps for new Distributors! Includes simple tips and best practices on how to maximize interest and sales during the critical launch phase. Editable template available for your re-use as a distributor.

Sell SeneGence LipSense - Distributor Launch Guide
Sell SeneGence LipSense - Distributor Instagram Guide


Instagram Best Practices 2019 Guide for Distributors

A practical walkthrough focused on the timeless core of what makes Instagram so relevant and hot. Modern best practices on growing an engaged, trusting, and monetizeable audience.



Instagram Stories Content Guide

In order to stand out and build trust with your audience in 2019, you need to create consistent and unique story videos to stay at the forefront of buyers’ minds. This approach leads to product sales, loyal customers, and follower growth!

I recommend that you create 3 or 4 of these story ideas each week to save to your IG highlights so that your followers can reference back and enjoy.

Build Your Brand - SeneGence LipSense Guide for Distributors


How to Build a Powerful Brand Identity Guide & Checklist 

A comprehensive look at the core of modern branding in a crowded digital world. Apply best practices from today's most relevant brands to stand out and intrigue your audience.



Customer Q&A Quick-Reference Script Templates 

A collection of go-to scripts to use when answering customer questions about SenGence® Products. Copy and past these in message responses to save time and effort!

Customer Service Distributor Guide for Selling LipSense SeneGence
Shipping Guide - SeneGence Guide for LipSense Distributors


Packaging & Branded Materials Shopping Guide 

A curated list of recommended shipping, printing, packaging, and demonstration materials that you'll find helpful as you launch! For even faster shopping, use my Amazon list below.



Square Invoicing Setup Guide 

A quick walkthrough guide on setting up Square for payment processing. Reviews best practices, organizational tips, and insights on streamlining the sales side of things. 

LipSense Gif - This Beauty Called Ours


Curated Folder of all LipSense lip color images 

The full collection of LipSense lip color images to be added to your Facebook album and mobile phone album as a quick resource to share with inquiring customers.



Business Expense Tracking Templates

An companion guide through the applicable laws for independent contractors and small business owners in multi-level-marketing. Includes Excel accounting templates. 

Expense Tracking Template for LipSense Distributors

Expense Tracking Template for LipSense Distributors

PayPaul Shipping Guide for SeneGence Distributors selling LipSense


PayPal Shipping Label Walkthrough Guide 

A quick tutorial on how to easily print shipping labels from home for fast order fulfillment. 

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