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Hey girl, I'm Emma! 

Born and raised a California girl, now living in Tennessee, married to my high school sweetheart, and mama to my 5 little girls. Thank you so much for hanging out with me here!

So I had seen LipSense® around for awhile, and it had always intrigued me, but after going to a wedding and having lipstick smeared all over my teeth when I smiled for pictures, I finally caved in and bought three colors to try. From the very first color I cracked open (Napa!), I was immediately hooked and wanted all the rest of the colors!


"I initially thought about becoming a distributor for the fun discount, and to be honest, I never ever (ever!) saw myself selling it"


I don't know why really, but I think maybe everyone feels that way about an MLM due to the terrible approach so many distributors use to manipulate others into joining or burning their social media following. For me, I thought about how I could flip the approach by adding value through fun content and offering my following the choice to follow my new LipSense account. Something changed in my mind and I have the "aha! moment" of how everything could change just by saying yes to an opportunity, trying something new, and doing it in a way that blessed others through fun, engaging, and meaningful daily Instagram content.


For about a year now our little family has felt the call to adoption and truly feel led in that path for our lives. But, I'm sure you know that adoption is incredibly expensive and unfortunately why many people have to say no. But, I had the thought of, "oh my goodness, what if saying yes to this opportunity means that we could bring our baby home sooner?" and after that I haven't looked back. This summer we were able to adopt 3 sisters and welcome them into our family as our own because of this business!


So I made the decision to jump in and give it my best shot. The positive response has been overwhelming as I'm setting a new standard and approach to girls doing MLM in the modern social content era. Instead of annoying others to make a quick buck like so many others, I believe in joy, sisterhood, and helping others while having a blast every day.

I have now been with SeneGence® selling LipSense just over a year now—I've been able to build up an amazing team and sisterhood of girls, we doubled our household income, a car payment reimbursement, and a trip as a couple to Australia. Our team is almost 300 women strong and together we’ve sold $800,000 of SeneGence products since April 2018! Its pretty crazy and as much fun as it is surreal. And as you can guess, this has changed our family's life for the better.


Not only my life but for so many girls on my team too. My girls are able to be stay-at-home moms, pay off debt, and pay for family vacations and things they would have never been able to do prior. With this incredible momentum, we've quickly grown to be the second fastest growing team in the company. 


DM me with any questions!



My biggest focus now is mentoring and training the girls on my team - I send out walkthrough guides, templates, free resources, do a Facebook live trainings each week where I'll break down how to succeed in every aspect of the business while building an awesome personal brand in 2019. We also just launched Season 1 of our Podcast to help our team learn more on-the-go.

If you're ready to own your own business and join an amazing team, reach out for more info - I'd be thrilled to point you in the right direction. I'm in the trenches of it all and would love to help you launch you own biz and work alongside you as we grow in this together!

Independent Distributor #489996

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