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Rewards Program

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Rewards program details

As a thank you to our customers for being loyal to us, we’ve recently launched a rewards program. Each time you make a purchase, you will be earning points to redeem FREE products!

Each item purchased = 1 star ⭐ 

Once you hit 10 stars you can redeem for a free LipSense®, Gloss, ShadowSense®, or Mascara of your choice in your next order! You’ll receive a congratulations email as seen below! 👇🏽

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Unfortunately, we are currently unable to edit the text in that auto email, but your reward is eligible to be redeemed on your next purchase 🙌🏾 as our system with SeneGence only works that way. ❤️ Just mention it to me then!

Grateful for you!! 💋
Xo · Emma