A walkthrough guide on

Shipping Out Orders


6 Easy Steps!

Shipping from home is super easy and fast! Follow the steps below to get setup and on your way!




Step 1

Buy the correct shipping labels

Grab the "Avery Shipping Labels for Laser Printers, TrueBlock Technology, 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 Inches." These come with two sticker labels on each page, and are compatible with PayPal's USPS internet shipping label generator for easy home printing.

Buy the labels here!



Step 2

Create a PayPal Business Account 

Sign up on their website and create a Business "Payments Standard" account. Make sure you verify your email address by confirming the link sent to your email.

PayPal Account Setup.gif


Step 3

Add your bank & card Info 

Make your account "verified" by adding your bank and card info. To verify, you have to do 2 of the 3 things listed below:

  • Linking and confirming your bank account
  • Verifying your credit or debit card information
  • Providing your social security number
PayPal Adding Cards.gif


Step 4

Enter your customer's shipping info in PayPal 

Go to PayPal.com/shipnow and enter your customer's shipping address details.

Create Shipping Label.gif


Step 5

Finalize the shipping information & "Calculate Shipping Cost"

Carrier name: USPS
Service Type: First-Class Mail
Package Type: Package/Thick Envelope
Enter Package Weight: ?

Then "Calculate Shipping Cost and "Confirm and Pay." 

Shipping information.gif


Step 6

Put the shipping labels in your printer and print! 

Easy as that, stick it on your package and move on to the next! Put your pre-paid shipping labeled order envelopes in your mailbox, hand to the mailman, drop it off in a USPS blue mailbox, or take to the post office. Reach out with any questions!