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You may be a great fit, just make sure its the right timing for you!

You're interested and open to the idea! It’s so great that you're thinking it all through - I know wrestled with it all before I joined! 😊 Starting a small shop like this has to come at the right time for you in many ways: financially, creatively, availability, and others! The great news is that you may be a great fit if the timing is right on your end! You enjoy helping others who may also be in your shoes through your personal recommendations and experiences. You care about relationships and wish to stay connected to people that mean a lot to you or those who inspire you with their creativity and lifestyle. Its more of addressing the what-if’s, and shorter term circumstances (your interest, finances, commitment to sharing on social/in-person) that are holding you back!

The content creators win in this business

You would likely be a great content creator if you aren't already, based on some of your answers! Running a successful business on social media requires two things: deep trust and continual interest, no matter the size of your following! People want to see your life, your personality, your family, and your perspectives on things! Every life is different and yours is likely already very fascinating to a number of people that currently follow you! To sell product, you have to show up consistently by simply showing up through engaging content (videos, stories, posts, etc.). ✨❤️

Our team’s top distributor blueprint & Approach

  • You are content creator first and foremost! Share about your life and creatively showcase the products in your own fun way through video from your phone! (IG stories, lives, feed posts, etc.).

  • You prioritize the customer’s experience as most important - from your DM’s to your packaging, from your emails to your thank you notes, it all works together to grow your biz!

  • You’ve really thought about it before you join and are personally committed to growing your business for 3-5 months.

  • You understand that to build a successful business, it will take time, effort, and some financial investment to get things off the ground and profitable!

What this means for you

I think you should really consider it, given your interests! Again, even if you are not currently super active on social or don’t currently share a ton, you are absolutely like most of the top girls on our team when they started! Almost all were not influencers or regular content creators before they joined, but rather picked it up along the way and have each made very profitable small shops! Just starting and learning through practice is the way you’ll grow your business! ❤️

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