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This Beauty Called Ours Podcast is a series of candid, insider conversations on growing a social business.


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 We literally talk business all day long here at our home. It might be time to listen in.

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Introducing Season 1

Six exciting episodes for our team


Episode 1: Our journey as entrepreneurs

"I knew in fifth grade, I wanted to marry this girl, so I did."

How we met and fell in love, why we started this biz, the details behind our initial vision to disrupt MLM, and making it fun while working together.

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Episode 2: Building an authentic online business with purpose

"Everything changed in our lives. Our state, our work, our environment, our community, our church. Our accents, y’all."

What welcoming change into your life brings, goal setting, relying on your why, and what to do when things get difficult.

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Episode 3: The keys to social selling on Instagram

"I looked back and saw our customer packages flying out of the back of our open trunk and all over the highway. Whoops."

The power of having a small shop mentality, refining your personal brand, growing a trusting audience, selling through DMs, incentivizing and giving from abundance, customer social proof, and some crazy stories.

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Episode 4: How to grow a trusting audience on Instagram

"Ok, here it is. Quality content plus authenticity plus consistency equals more followers. And more followers means more sales. This works, you guys."

The simple formula for authentically growing a trusting following, tips for giveaways, best practices for building relationships with followers, and things to avoid when trying to grow.

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Episode 5: Developing the right income-producing habits

"Whenever I’m faced with the question of what to do next with my time, I compare it with this priority list to make sure I’m generating income."

Which tasks to focus on for continual growth, prioritizing daily content creation and customer service, and common time traps that don’t produce income and steal your time.

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Episode 6: 4 Ways you can win in this business without making a dime

"What do you want now vs. what do you want the most. It’s about being called to something more and getting after it."

Overcoming fears through action and confidence, the impact of making time to feel put together, and the unexpected blessings of growth through this biz.

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