3 Things to Do for Your Business This Week

3 Things to do to improve your business this week

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This week I want to challenge you to do these 3 easy things for your business. They personally help me stay consistent and have fun in my business each week - especially when I don’t really know what to post on social media anymore. 


Connect with your Audience

Hop on a FB Live or IG story this week. If you’re a product based business like This Beauty Called Ours, seeing the products being used is something my audience really loves! I do Get Ready with Me IG stories and use my favourite SeneGence© products. It can take a customer up to ten times of seeing a product before they actually purchase it, so seeing them being used and applied by me in real time really helps connect my audience with my products. 

I promise that people will start asking you questions and you’ll begin getting messages if you stay consistent in doing this. Once they can envision how you make use of the products, they’ll start to see how they can use it too! Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen the first time. Stay consistent, show your products and talk about them - it will go a long way. 


Learn Something

Listen to a podcast, read up on something or watch a YouTube video that can improve your business.  For me personally, SeneGence has tons of Team Trainings and I try to listen to one as I’m doing the dishes or while I fold the laundry. I honestly try to listen to one a day (don’t stress, you only need to do one thing this week 😉). It gives me perspectives from other people in the same business as I am. I walk away having learned something and being inspired to keep going.

Psst … You’re totally doing this one right now by reading this blog post - you go, girl! 💃


“Stay consistent, show your products and talk about them - it will go a long way. ”

- emma steadman


Do something for YOU ❤️

You work so hard for your business every single day. This week I challenge you to take a few dollars of your earnings and go treat yourself! It could be a manicure or even just a coffee. It’s so important to celebrate your milestones and to find something each week to celebrate that you can be proud of. 

I’d love to know if you try these three things out, shoot me a DM or contact me here and we can celebrate your wins together! 🎉

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