Simple Tips for Building a Branded Website

Simple Tips for Building a Branding Website for your Biz

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Having our website in addition to our Instagram biz has radically changed our business. Today I want to share the basics of building your branded website with an easy, template-based website builder like Squarespace, Wix, or Wordpress. 


3 Ways Having a website can help your business

  1. It helps with building brand identity, telling your story and telling your why. This boosts perception and shows your viewers you are taking your business seriously.

  2. It helps you make more sales.

  3. It helps people find your business online as people are able to search for you.


Signs you need a website for your biz

  1. If you are looking to build your business. 

  2. If you are selling more than one product or service.

  3. If you really want to grow a community. If you are in this for the long haul, building a community and having a website is really powerful thing. 


So you want to build a website? Here are some things you are going to need:

Think of what size website you want to create.

Small : Just a landing page, with a contact page.
Medium : About 4-5 pages - Home page, About page, Blog and Service or Product shop. 
Large : If you want to build an empire. All of the above while adding all of your products and blog posts with SEO. This is a much larger undertaking. 

I recommend working your way up. Start with a small website. When you have time, build it up to a medium sized site. And then, if it’s the route you want to take, build the large one.

Start with Imagery

I always start with imagery. I try to tailer the website to the visual brand vibe that I get from the imagery. If you don’t like what imagery you have, go and out shoot some new stuff. Go out and have some fun taking photos and make is look as beautiful as you can. 

Create a bio and a story on how you started your business. Make it personal.

Secure your domain 

You should always have a domain. It only costs about $12 a year. It also helps prevent other people from creating a business with the same name as yours. 

I recommend buying a domain through Google. 

Which platform should you choose?

I personally recommend Squarespace. It is focused on modern, millennial, minimalist design. The templates are beautiful and super easy to use. It’s also mobile focused and the images look crisp. I love Squarespace! 😍 Wix and Wordpress are also great options.

how a website has benefited my biz 

  • I had an increase in sales. After adding all of my products to my website, I saw a 30% increase in sales and has been increasing since then. Having the products on my site let people window shop by reading all the info of the products.

  • It helped with SEO. Having my website SEO setup correctly has brought me a lot of traffic and sales through viewers searching the web.

  • Customers could download my freebies! Since I created my e-book, I have had over 200 downloads organically. 

  • I connected Instagram to my site with a customised Linktree. We created a custom page on our website with custom links to see more info about Emma and our business. This helps with conversions and clicks and getting the right people where they need to go.

And there you have it, folks. I wish you all the joy and fun that comes with growing your biz and creating your own website. 🎉 Have a question? Shoot me a DM or contact me here - I’d love to hear from you!

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