Setting Goals for your Online Business

Setting Goals for your Online Business

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Its time to set some goals! 🎉

Write them down, think about them and speak about them with others. You’re so much more likely to achieve something if you actually think about it. If you never make goals, you never have a chance to actually accomplish them. 

Writing my goals down and sharing them with others has made such a difference. If I hadn’t written them down I feel like I wouldn’t have thought about them as much or worked towards it as hard. Putting pen to paper is so powerful. Don’t get me wrong, it can be scary to dream big but I think its a really good sign! Here’s my tips for setting goals for your online biz:


Stretch your goals

My first tip would be to make your goals a little bigger than you initially would. By stretching your goals at least when fall a little short you actually hit the goal you initially had planned. 


“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

- Norman Vincent Peale


make them frequent

Look at where things are at now and recognize areas of dissatisfaction. What could be better? After reflecting begin with the end in mind and then back track. I usually look at a year and where I want to be and what I would like to achieve, but monthly goals are a great place to start. Monthly goals are great because they happen so frequently, they’re not so far away that you never feel the achievement part.


Celebrate the Milestones

Celebrate the little achievements! My business and goal setting has been so fun, especially when we celebrate by going to dinner or taking a fun family tip. Make it fun!


Prioritise your Goals

Growing a business has so many tasks: gaining a social media following, creating content, selling your products and services. These are all full time jobs so take it easy! Make time to put your goals into action. There’s a lot of power in sharing your goals because it holds you accountable. My team and I have a supportive community for us to share our goals and hold each other accountable, making it more likely that we’ll stick to our goals and achieve them.


Adjust It

Once you hit your goal and you’ve celebrated - woohoo! 🎉 It’s time to adjust. Pivot your goals onto whats next. Dream big!


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