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How Becoming a SeneGence Distributor Has Changed these Women's Lives

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It’s no surprise that I absolutely love this business and that I am so grateful for how blessed my family and I are because of it. 

Yesterday I got to reveal a suuuuper exciting project we’ve been working on! We collaborated with about 15 of the girls on my team to create a behind the scenes look into what it’s like to do this business. Our community of SeneGence sisters is something I’m so grateful for. It blows my mind how we have almost 250 women all over the world doing this already.  I never imagined I would make such close friends when I signed up, but it has been the most unexpected blessing the past ten months. My heart is so full, y’all.


This video was created for you, for customers who love SeneGence© and these amazing beauty products thinking of creating a business of their own. This video was an inside scoop into what it means for so many of these beautiful women! 

For me, this all started as a dream to be able to to fund an adoption for our family, and what it has turned into has been more than my wildest dreams! We’ve been able to hit financial goals quicker than we planned, and this week we started the process of selecting an agency for our adoption. I am so, so thankful!


This week the video also got into the hands of the founder and CEO of SeneGence who started this business and laid the foundation for us all 20 years ago. I’m super honored and proud of our team for being able to do something like this that hopefully honors her business and her mission, to empower women to live life and love in abundance and be able to provide for their families. 


“Choose to live life in love and abundance, and then work for it!”

- Joni Rodgers


Putting this all together has been such a great reminder that success can’t be done alone and its something we get to celebrate together. When we hit a milestone or a ranking, we celebrate not only a ranking but celebrate the hard work and the success of our team working together. This is so important and is something to celebrate because in a direct sales company you cannot rank without your team, you can’t hit milestones by yourself. That means we really focus on working as a team and celebrating as a team rather than as individuals. I love that with SeneGence we all know that we all need each other to be able to rank or achieve in this company. It’s like our own sisterhood! 

I’m so excited that for the month of September SeneGence is waving the $55 sign up fee, making it free for you to start your own business as well! So if you have ever thought about doing this yourself, I would love to answer any questions you might have. Find all the information you’ll need here, shoot me a DM on Instagram or contact me here to find out more about making this dream your reality 💕

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