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All you need to know about Make Up Brushes

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Its Brushes 101 Time! 💅

Today on IG stories I shared my entire make up brush collection with y’all. I have to say since using ShadowSense© I still only probably use half of my brushes because SeneGence products can totally be applied just using your fingers! But here we go …


3 Brushes I Use Every Day: 

Morphe M439 for CCTM (can be applied with your figures because its a moisturizer) and Foundation application, my favorite brush of all time!

(ELF has another inexpensive option for your foundation blending brush) 

Real Techniques Setting Brush for applying concealer and ShadowSense under my eyes. This brush is a dreammmmm! Soft as a feather and blends so well.

My Bare Minerals angled liner brush is what I use to apply ShadowSense to my brows. 

Other Brushes: 

NYX Pro Contour Brush for bronzer (I’m still working on my contour skills!)

ELF Small Stipple Brush for applying blush. 


For My Eyes: 

Morphe M431 which I use to carry products under my eye for doing a smokey eye because I don’t tend to use liners that much. 

Morphe M421 which is great for packing color on your lid but I like using my fingers just as much!

Then you’d use a fluffy brush like the Morphe M441 or Morphe M433 to blend it out. I’m not enough of an expert to know the different, to be honest. I just really love all Morphe brushes (not sponsored)!!! ✨

If you have any questions or have an awesome make up brush to share, shoot me a DM ❤️


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