Loose Powders + Why I Love Them

SeneGence Loose Powders and Why I Love Them So Much

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Today I’m sharing everything about one of my favorite SeneGence products, Loose Powders🙌

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These are a bit of a learning curve because of the container that they come in so I wanted to share a little Loose Powder 101. 

I use Silver Rose and Bronze Dust daily. I used to use the Natural Loose Powder in the Summer when I wanted a more “matte look” because it was so humid. But honestly, SeneGence make up does not need a primer or setting powder because it stays all day on it’s own 🙌 

I’ve had my Loose Powders for over a year now and there is still some product in them left, even though I use it daily! I tried it and totally fell in love🥰

They are $50 each which was a shock for me at first, but they last at least 12 months and are totally worth it. 

What’s On My Face

+ Medium CCTM 

+ Snow and Candlelight for concealer

+ Black Mascara

+ Moca Java

+ Summer Sunset LipSense©

How To Use Loose Powders

So this is going to sound super weird by for this product, the first time you’re using them you’re going to want to whack them super hard!😂😂😂

You whack the bottom of the container until you see product start to come through the brush. 

The first time you use your Loose Powder it takes a while to get through the dispenser and the brush so just know you’ll need to take some time to make it happen. 

I have had a couple of girls ask why the brush sheds in the beginning and my tip is to wash it before you begin using it! Just keep the pointed down so the water doesn’t get into the product👌

Bronze Dust has a slight shimmer but its just the perfect amount. I’m not a pro at contouring and don’t claim to be, but I love this product and the color it adds to my face.

I make sure to place the Bronze Dust wherever  the sun would naturally hit - I don’t do my nose but you totally could! 

Silver Rose is a mauve blush with a slight shimmery highlight. I apply it in circular, swirling motions and it goes just above my cheek bones. 

A Few of My Favorite Things

You might be wondering if Loose Powders are as long-lasting as the other SeneGence© products because it’s a powder. It’s not advertised as long lasting but I’ve been wearing it for over a year and never had any issues. It lasts SO WELL🙌

You can also open them and use them as eyeshadow - so multi purposeful! They aren’t as pigmented as ShadowSense but its perfect for a quick and easy eye look. 

These products are my true love. If I had to pick only three products they’d be CCTM, Mascara and my Loose Powders. I can’t get enough❤️



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