How to Take Instagram Photos for your Business

How to Take Instagram Photos for your Online Business

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Want professional looking photos for your Instagram business?

Today I’m going to let you in on some little secrets on how easy it is to take and edit your own Instagram photos for your business, even if you feel like you aren’t great at taking photos or don’t have a fancy camera! 🎉


all you need is your iPhone and these simple hacks: 

Get some inspiration from other IG accounts or Pinterest. When I see a flat lay photo that I love, I’ll save it and use it to recreate my own. Follow me to get some product flat lay inspo! 

You’ll need a flat lay base if your flooring or table isn’t great. This can be as simple as purchasing an A3 white poster board OfficeMax like I did - it literally cost me $3.

Grab yourself some products and simple props. Think of what you already have!  My go-to’s are fresh flowers and leaves, my fave Carly Jean Los Angeles pieces, and of course my BFF LipSense©. 

Arrange your props and products on your board and place near a natural light source: a sliding door or a big window. 

Snap your pics from above. You could place your products on the floor or stand on a chair to get high enough. 


You’ll notice that the plain white poster board already does wonders for your pics, but the real magic happens when you begin editing. I edit all of my IG posts in VSCO, a free editing app. A little tip I have for y’all is to apply more than one filter! You can pick any one to start that makes the colors pop (the A filters work well) - you’ll want to double tap when picking a filter and then adjust the strength of it, I usually have it at about three quarters of the way at +7.5 for the first filter.

I then play with the exposure to brighten it so that it looks as much like a studio as possible with bright lighting, so taking it up to +1.0 depending on how bright your photo already is. 

I also add a little bit of contrast as I like my photos to be more cool toned. I then adjust the temperature to about -1.0. 

After I’ve saved that to Camera Roll, I like to bring it into the app again and add another filter - usually HB2 (which I LOVE!) for a lovely cool toned blue tint. I double tap the filter again so I’m able to adjust the filter to about half way at +5.0. Ta-da! 🎉 Save it to your Camera Roll and then one more step, I promise!

Once in Instagram, I’ll adjust the brightness, contrast and and temperature within the IG app just as I had done in VSCO. The reason you’re doing it so many times is to give off that feel of really high-quality studio lighting, which is totally achievable with your iPhone, a $3 poster board and some editing - amazing! ❤️

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