How to Grow Your Business With Attitude

How you Attitude Can Grow your business

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Here’s to Gratitude! 🙏

I think sometimes we can hear the word positivity and think it’s all about being happy-happy and full of joy, taking on all of your problems with a smile! When I think of positivity for me, it doesn’t mean inexperienced or innocence - it’s deep rooted joy in spite of circumstance.

Disclaimer: I’m totally not discounting that are lives are not perfect. I totally get that we all have problems that we are working through and have issues in our personal and professional lives. Positivity does not equal perfect here✨


Three Parts of a Positive Mindset to Adopt for Successful Business: 

Sometimes it happens.

There are so many things in business and in life that we have no control over. As a LipSense© distributor this is especially true for me, FedEx deliveries and product stock are sometimes just beyond me! But I do have control over my attitude in these situations.

Having the mindset of “its okay, sometimes it happens” is really powerful - no-one is a perfect business owner, no-one is a perfect customer and there are no prefect products (although SeneGence© does come pretty close 😉).

Nothing is perfect! So if we can just adopt that mindset and notice that sometimes it does just happen, our lives will be a whole lot more easy and more positive. 


Community Over Competition

When we first start our businesses and start to see growth, we obviously look to others for inspiration and although I don’t like to say it - there can be a tendency to be jealous. Its easy to be jealous when we see other who have what we want and we’re not there yet, I totally get it!

BUT … if the actions you take for your business are out of jealousy or trying to get to a certain space or level quickly then it’s not true abundance. Your goals need to be for yourself, not out of comparison, to achieve true joy and abundance in your biz 🙌

So stay in your lane and celebrate other women’s successes! There’s room for everyone at the table. 


“Look in the mirror. That’s your competition.”

- Yes, I totally quoted a Rocky movie there!😆


Choose Gratitude

Let’s be real, positivity and gratitude are not of our nature. It isn’t going to just come naturally for you so you need to make it a habit. Before you can even make it a habit you need to choose it, every single day. 

Gratitude is not satisfaction, its appreciation. It’s totally okay to be grateful for the three orders that come in on any given day but you don’t have to settle for this or be content with it, it’s still okay to want more and go after what you want! Its constantly choosing to look for the good in all things each day and still striving for growth in your business. 

What are you grateful for today? Send me a DM, I’d love to know and celebrate with you!


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