How to Develop a Brand for Your Instagram Business

How to Develop a Brand for your Instagram business - or any other media based biz!

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Instagram is where its at for small shops or businesses at the moment, so if you’re not using it yet I’d highly suggest getting started. I’ve built my business brand on Instagram so for now I want to focus on letting you in on my secrets to branding your business for my favorite platform. 


Its so important to view yourself as a small business or small shop on Instagram. This is actually super trendy at the moment. People are wanting to support smaller businesses and they love identifying themselves with these types of shops instead of big corporate companies like Amazon or Old Navy or a huge service company. Small shops or service businesses give a whole experience with an individual approach and its a lot more personal for a customer. 

What I see so much of lately is everyone jumping to creating content for Instagram without knowing who they really are or where they stand in the world or how they are different from everybody else - without knowing the important of building a brand. So we’re going back to the beginning and looking at the core of building a brand.


What is a Brand?🤷🏻‍♀️

A brand is an idea or a perception in the minds of others about you. Its intangible, meaning you as the business owner can’t control it. Its how other people think about you or your company. The good news is that you’re able shape that perception through the act of branding. 

The most powerful brands in the world have the most consistent conceptual understanding of their stakeholders. For example, everyone thinks of Nike in the same way because they are so consistent with their cool and sleek branding. We all have a mutual understanding of how awesome they are - unless you’re into Adidas or something like that 😆


When you first begin developing your brand for Instagram or any business platform, there are 3 important things to think about:

Mission + Vision

Know who you are, why the heck you’re doing what you’re doing and what you’re trying to accomplish by doing it. What’s so important about this is that so many businesses don’t focus enough on this! I literally sell LipSense© lipstick and have built a how experience and brand around this. You could build an entire brand around ANYTHING, even selling something like rubber bands 😂

Think about how you want people to feel when they come to your page and what emotions come up through reading your posts, seeing your images and watching your stories. 

Your Why

Why should people buy from your business or brand? Why are you selling these products or doing this? 

Apple does this so effectively as a brand by starting with their why - they believe everyone is a creative and everyone should have access to opening their mind through technology, and they also happen to make a computer. Do you want to buy one? Heck, yeah! Starting from this makes it a whole lot more appealing to purchase from this motivating belief that you and your business stand for. 

The whole reason for beginning my SeneGence business was so that our family would be able to spend more time together and that we could be able to grow our family through adoption. This is integrated throughout my business - yes, I share my products but intertwined into that is my family and the love I have for them. This makes your brand stand out and helps you connect with people on a real level. 


Lets be real, there are so many people selling or offering what you are at the moment. Make yourself stand out for the unique individual you are. This is not going to be through your colors or your fonts or all the things so many branding textbooks talk about - its going to be personality. When I’m purchasing a product and get a handwritten thank you note from a jewellery store, I wanna know who wrote it. I want to know who is behind the brand. I get bored if I don’t know where my products are coming from and I want to support the mom who shows me her family and when her and her husband are hustling to create their hairbands at 2am because they’re in such high demand. That’s the kind of business I want to support. It means something to have a personal touch to your brand. 

Before you can look at your fronts and colors and images and wording and all of that exciting stuff - you first need to know where you and your business stand in the world. Answering and reflecting on these questions really is so important in developing that. 🙌

I’d love so much to learn more about if this has helped you and your brand identity! Shoot me a DM or contact me here - I can’t wait for you to join the party. ❤️

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