How To Clean Your Make Up Brushes

Learn how to Clean your Make Up Brushes

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Let’s Get Cleaning! 💦

Today on IG stories I’m bringing you guys along to show you how I get my brushes clean. 


Let’s start with our big, foundation brushes: 

I’m using my brush egg and the SeneGence© Brush Cleaner - I really like this cleaner but know there are other amazing ones too so don’t feel obligated to get it! 

Steps for Cleaning

Rinse your brush in lukewarm water. 

Swirl your brush into a little but of your brush cleaner product to draw the make up out of your brush. 

Squeeze out the the rest of the product into the sink and repeat. 

Always keep your brush pointed down so the water doesn’t seep into the handle of your brush and ruin it! 

It’s going to take a few times of doing this until it runs clear. 

Once it’s all clean - shape the brush while pointing downwards. 

Leave the brush hanging over the sink on a towel to dry and flip them once the first side is dry. 

For the smaller brushes I use my brush egg:

It’s the exact process as above but between swirling in your brush cleaner and rinsing the brush, we buff out the product on our brush egg. 


How Often Should you Clean your Brushes? 

I clean my brushes every 2 weeks. Make sure you’re cleaning them during a time you won’t be needing them - or simply use our SeneGence products that are so versatile and can totally be applied using your fingers!


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