How to Build Trust in your Business + Build a Community

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Trying to Build a Community for your Biz? 👯‍♀️

First of all, I want you to think about why you join communities or Facebook groups or sign up for a particular person’s newsletters or even purchase a product - what makes you do this?


Maybe this didn’t come up for your right away, but on some level there has to have been a level of TRUST. 

Now trust doesn’t come easily, especially in business and in online businesses even more so. Our default mode in life is to not trust. Maybe that is just a California thing! 😆 But we lock our cars, our houses, gym lockers. In life we act in fear and distrust of society. 

The good news is that in life there are things that we definitely find easier to trust! We trust people and restaurants we’ve been to and have had good experiences at. We develop trust through time.


“Trust takes Time.”

- emma steadman


So how do you get others to trust you, your business and your brand? 

You want your viewers to catch the excitement of your product or what you’re offering them.

How do you they catch the excitement? By someone showing you the products or telling you about the service. I started this business because I followed a blogger doing the smudge test with our LipSense product and I could not believe it! I continued following her for months and months, and she was so totally into it that I just had to try it. She was just so cool and so in love with the product.

Now, lets be real. SeneGence© is a direct sales company - there are tons of girls selling the same products as me. And in the same way, there are hundreds, if not thousands of people selling what you are, too. What’s gonna make them come to you or sign up with what you’re offering? You’ve got to stand out! Make original content that reflects you and your brand. YOU have to be a huge centre of your brand - what you stand for, what you love and what you don’t love.


Be consistent

To catch the excitement also means you always need to be showcasing your products or services, whatever you’re selling, consistently. I’m constantly on IG stories and in front of my people with no room for them to forget me 😆 You need to show them and tell them often. Leave no space for people to wonder “is she still doing this business?” If you’re not consistent your potential community will feel that you’re not serious about your business. They need to see what you’re offering from you in a personal way.

Make it accessible

My last tip is to make joining your community as easy accessible as possible without any pressure. I saw that so many wouldn’t have reached out to me to join my team if I had never offered them a guide or offered access to it so easily (no one had to contact me, they simply had to swipe up on my stories).

SeneGence and starting this business has done so much for my family and my life. I recently moved states and the money I’ve made from this business was able to cover the move, our new house’s deposit and the first months rent. Which is mind blowing! Sharing this with others, and being genuine really allows people to connect with and trust what you’re offering. Over 50 women have joined my team over the past few months because of it! My team is just the best 😍

So be authentic, be yourself and I promised you’ll see the fruits of your labor and grow your community and you biz. 

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