How to Apply a Bold Lip Color

How to Apply a Bold LipSense Color

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A bold lip your holiday season BFF 💄 

Lets talk about the application for a LipSense bold lip!


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What is LipSense?

Its not a stain or lipstick but rather a long lasting lip color that bonds to your lips 🎉 It literally does not smudge or wear off at all and last 4 - 18 hours! 

The reason it has such a range of wear time is because its literally affected by the pH balance in your body so it’s different for everyone. For me, I get all day smudge-proof wear if I am hydrated and using gloss. 

LipSense© is MAGICAL! It will not smudge or budge. It’s waterproof, kiss proof, life proof! There is nothing else like it on the market 🦄


SeneGence Candy Cane LipSense

Every application is three thin layers and topped with gloss to seal in the color and hydrate your lips. 

You can wear a gloss on it’s own but just not the other way around 😘

You can also premix your LipSense colors so all three layers don’t have to be the same! So this is where LipSense gets so dang fun because you can make custom colors! 

First things first, shake up your LipSense color for about 30 seconds before applying it to activate it. Especially for a matte bold color like the Candy Cane color pictured.

Once you open your color, you’ll want to scrape off the wand to get off any excess product. There should be barely anything on the wand. Thin, thin layers is key! 

You apply it from one side of your lip to the other (different than a traditional lipstick) and remember to keep your layers as thin as possible. Apply side to side in quick, sweeping motions. 

Make sure to give extra dry time for bold matte color before applying the next layer - usually 30 - 45 seconds works for me!

Be sure to apply the color to your waterline as well. 

Once you’re done applying your three layers, top with Glossy Gloss (a clear, hydrating gloss). After applied you can rub your lips together. 


Tips and Tricks for getting lasting color:

💧Stay Hydrated! 

💧Use lots of gloss initially and then regloss every few hours. 

💧Exfoliate your lips with a simple sugar scrub. 

💧Bonus Tip: Snag our lip balm because it’s cold this time of year and it reeeeaaally helps prevent dry and cracked lips. 

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