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Get Ready With Me💃

Today I’m sharing an every day makeup look with y’all using the most popular products that were sold this weekend!


We’re starting with medium CCTM and I’m applying it with my Morphe m439 brush. I love that this brush is so dense and it applies the CCTM or my foundation really well. 

You can use your hands to apply the CCTM because it is a tinted moisturizer but I just like the look and coverage I get when blending everything out with a brush - it gives that “flawless” finish. The main thing I do to get this look is stippling instead of rubbing it into my skin.

Next up is concealer! Today I’m using the Light Concealer and Snow. It goes a long way so just do a tiny bit. This concealer also color matches🙌 

I’m using my Real Techniques setting brush which is an absolute must if you’re using ShadowSense’s for undereye concealer. Again, I use that same stipple motion in an upside down triangle. 

Once I’m done with adding my concealer, I like to grab my CCTM brush and blend everything together again - I don’t add any extra products, though!

I’ve also been applying bronzer and blush in a new way! I’ve been using the lid of my CCTM (any other non-porous service will also work) to pre-blend products like ShadowSenses and BlushSenses before applying them. 

When working with the Bronze BlushSense, we only use a tiny dot as this stuff is highly pigmented. Again, using my favorite technique 😉 I stipple my brush onto the lid where the product has been placed and then stipple it on my skin.

I’ve noticed a big difference doing it this way and my skin is a lot more blended and seamless. I use this same process for blush as well - I’ve been loving Toasted Rose lately!

I’ll also be adding my favorite Silver Rose at the end for a little bit of shimmer.

For my eye look today I’m using Candied Cocoa and Sandstone Pearl Shimmer. I apply these using my Morphe m433 brush to buff out the color and let the brush do the work.

ShadowSense sets in about 60-90 seconds and stays on all day without creasing or falling out. The Candied Cocoa is such a rich yet soft color, I love it!

To finish up, I’m applying the Black Non Waterproof Mascara. The volume on this stuff is 🙌 Paired with Sweet Pea Gloss, a mauve berry tone with a hint of shimmer✨

This whole look is super simple and easy - if I wasn’t filming it, it would take me around 10 minutes to do. Head over to my IG stories to get the video tutorial❤️




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