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Get Ready with Me and My Friend, Alyssa. Watch Me Do her Make up

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Get Ready With Us!

Today I’m here with my sweet friend, Alyssa, who is visiting our family from California! I convinced her to let me do her make up.


We have different hair coloring and skin tones so I thought it would be fun to see how the products work on someone other than me! Go check out my IG highlights to see the video.

What’s On Her Face?

Starting with Light CCTM - This is both of our favorites!
+ It color corrects
+ Gives medium coverage
+ Dewy finish
+ Sun Protective
+ Skincare in it
+ Lasts all day

Light Concealer and Snow ShadowSense are up next! Just a tiny dab is all you need. The light concealer is better for her skin tone versus the Candlelight which is what I use, but we are still adding some brightness with Snow. 

This concealer is bomb. It color corrects to your skin tone and is so creamy and beautiful!

For her brows, I’m using the black/brown pencil liner. Don’t be intimidated with using this for your brows - it’s foolproof! Start light and fill in more as needed.
+ Smudgeproof
+ Budgeproof
+ Waterproof

Blush and Contour Time! We just using a tiny dot of Terra Cotta BlushSense© and blending it out. Also, I’m not a pro at all y’all. If I can do this, you can!

Tip: Use your CCTM/Foundation Brush to soften your contour when you’re done.
BlushSense is:
+ Highly pigmented
+ Smudgeproof
+ Water resistant
+ Lasts all day

Finishing off her face make up with Silver Rose Loose Powder. It adds an instant highlight and shimmer on the cheeks. 

Alyssa's Make Up Before and After

What’s On Her Eyes?

+ Mulberry is a beautiful color on it’s own
+ Rustic Brown to create some depth to the eye look
+ Sandstone Pearl Shimmer on the inner corners for brightening shimmer 

These colors are some of my top sellers and fan favorites. I’m applying these ShadowSenses© with the Morphe M433 brush. Start with just a tiny bit of product and blend blend blend! Tip: with the shimmers, let them sit for a minute so they stay pigmented. 

I’m totally obsessed with this eye look on Alyssa! We added mascara to complete the look. She said her lashes have definitely GROWN since starting to use SeneGence© mascara.

Nude Pink LipSense© for the final touch! I still can’t get over how much I loved this look - head over to my IG stories to see us create it.




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