First Impressions: Girlfriend Lip Color

The NEW SeneGence UnderSense Lash Primer and Girlfriend LipSense

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I’m SO excited for this, y’all!

SeneGence© just laughed two new beauty products and I’m showing you my first impressions. Watch the video to see how SeneGence has done it again👇


UnderSense© Lash Primer

A 3-in-1 lash primer which I initially thought I didn’t need because let’s be real, our VolumeIntense© Mascara is so perfect already! It conditions, lengthens and adds volume - plus it contains lash growth serum so this has got to be a winner. 

It not only feels amazing and gives volume, it also does an amazing job of separating my lashes and making them look more dense. This product just gives an extra something to your look. 

This stuff is going to last - you only use one coat of it and my mascara tube (which I use multiple coats daily) is already lasting forever. Y’all are going to love this! 🥰

Girlfriend LipSense

A brand new LipSense© color that is similar to the limited edition, Nude Pink, that was available last summer - this is just as good! It was the most popular LipSense color I’ve ever sold. Girlfriend is a mix between Goddess, Nude Pink and Bella and is basically my most ideal color🙌

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