Everything You Need To Know About Blush

Everything you need to know about SeneGence Blush

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Blush Here We Go! 💃 

Today on my IG stories I show you how to use 3 different SeneGence products for blush. Watch the video tutorial or check out the results below 👇


My Makeup Removal Sponge for cleaning brushes between use 🧽

Eyes: Mulberry + shell glitter + rustic brown

Lips: Pink Champagne + Bougainvillea Gloss

Option 1: ShadowSense 

Pink Posey for a warm toned rose pink.

Mulberry for a neutral pink with a mauve undertone (the most popular blush color).

This is a cream to powder formula and gives you all day wear. Long lasting and will stay on your face! These are probably the most popular because they double up as your eye colors (but you could totally use BlushSense for your eyes, too). 

Applying: I usually do 3 little dots on my cheek and then blend using my Elf Small Stipple Brush. It sets in about 90 seconds so if you want to take your time bleeding, do one cheek at a time! 

Option 2: BlushSense


Terra Cotta for a warm peachy tone with a subtle pink undertone. 

Pink Berry is so fun and bright! Be careful with this one, if you use too much it could come out clown-like. 

Toasted Rose for a classic, easy, effortless pink blush.

BlushSense© is a cream formula so its a lot more creamier than ShadowSense. This stuff is highly pigmented and I promise you, it will not fade or smudge. It holds up in heat, humidity and even swimming! 🙌

Applying: The tiniest little dot is all you need! The tube may seem small but it will seriously last you a lifetime. 

Option 3: Loose Powder

Silver Rose has a hint of shimmer and contour! 

Basically its a blush, bronzer and highlighter all in one! This product is not advertised as long lasting but for me personally, it lasts the entire day. Girl, let me tell you - I do not have to touch it up and its stays better than any other powder blush or bronzer that I’ve used! 

These are just the colors I own, you guys! There are still so many other options and more colors for you to choose from. You could even premix them to make your own custom blush color - the options are endless with SeneGence© ❤️ 


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