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Let’s Talk Concealers!

I wanted to show y’all the difference between using Snow/Candlelight ShadowSense© and Light Concealer on my eyes. Watch my IG story or get the deets below


If you’ve been wondering which SeneGence© option to use and which product would be best for your skin tone and type - this is for you!

The question is …
What is your skin like underneath your eyes?

If you find the skin under your eyes tends to be drier, I’d recommend adding an eye cream to your skincare routine. I use our Eyeluminator as part of my daily routine. 

If you are already using an eye cream and still find you have dry under eyes, I’d recommend using a concealer over our ShadowSenses. ShadowSense is a cream to powder formula while concealers are cream✌️

So while the concealers are more hydrating for drier eyes, ShadowSense is a tad but brighter and my preferred choice for using as my concealer. Also, they can be used as an eyeshadow so you’re getting a double use for your product! 

Our concealers are also color correcting which is AMAZE! Otherwise, I’d suggest using Snow/Candlelight for cool or neutral skin toned gals and Snow/Sandstone Pearl for warm toned or fair skinned ladies.

Check out my IG highlights to see the live results of these products in action.



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