Comparing Mascaras

Comparing SeneGence Mascara with the IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara

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Let’s Do Some Mascara Comparisons, Shall We? 

Comparing SeneGence VolumeIntense Black Mascara vs. the IT Cosmetics Superhero Black Mascara. Watch the video to see the live results👇


The IT Cosmetics Mascara was my ride or die forever and truth be told, I don’t actually have too many complaints!

But now that I’ve tried our SeneGence© Mascara, there are a few things that I don’t love about IT Cosmetics because I thought that’s just the way mascara was and didn’t know it could be better🎉

I thought crunchy lashes were just a given when using mascara - not a word you want to use to describe your mascara or lashes, am I right? 😂

It would also flake a lot so I love that I no longer have to be aware of that with the SeneGence mascara 🙌

I love that the SeneGence VolumeIntense© Mascara has lash growth serum in it and how it makes my lashes feel. It also gives you more volume. 

I am a TOTAL convert and will never go back after using the amazing SeneGence VolumeIntense Mascara. No fallout, soft and fluttery lashes and extra volume and length? SeneGence, I love you! 💖



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