All Eyes AGlow | The Wonderland Collection Part 2

All Eyes Aglow new ShadowSense colors just launched!

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SeneGence Just Dropped Part 2 of The Wonderland Collection❄️

The SeneGence© collection now features three new “all eyes aglow” ShadowSense© colors. Today on IG Stories I shared my first impressions of the new eye colors and the verdict? They’re PERFECT.


Introducing THREE new ShadowSense colors

Candied Cocoa Shimmer has copper and mauve undertones with all the shimmer. In love with this one!

Glacier Glitter is going to be the perfect highlighter. Holy Smokes - it’s clear with multicolored fine pieces of glitter! 

Deep Plum is going to be easy to blend so you can have it as bold or neutral as you wanted. You could totally substitute this for a liner as well 😉

What’s on my Face?

Sandstone Pearl to have an even base - a creamy, light neutral. 

Deep Plum in the outer corners of my lid. With darker colors especially since they’re so pigmented, start with a tiny bit of product and build from there! Blend using windshield wiper motions when using ShadowSense.

Candied Cocoa Shimmer blended over the lids.

Glacier Glitter applied to the inner corners of my eye for that extra wow factor. Use a fluffy brush and pat it into the applicator for this one! 

Waterproof mascara to finish off the eye look 😍

For my perfect neutral lip: 2 layer of First Love, 1 layer of Bombshell and Sand Gloss. 

I also added some of the Glacier Glitter as a highlight to my cheeks. 


This collection and colors are a limited edition and we never know when stock is going to run out, so if you have your eye on them send me a DM and we can lock in your order!


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