A Soft Eye Make Up Look

A Soft Eye Make Up Look with SeneGence products

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I created a Soft, Romantic Look for Valentines Day ❤️❤️

But … it’s perfect for any everyday look or date night! Watch the full tutorial in this IG story or read below👇


Today we are premixing ShadowSenses© to create out own custom colors - how cool is that?! It’s so much fun and really expands the colors you have available with your ShadowSense’s!

What’s On My Face

+ Medium CCTM 

+ Snow and Candlelight for concealer

+ Moca Java for filling my brows

+ Deep CCTM as my contour

Let’s Start Playing With Some ShadowSense’s!

Starting off with Candied Cocoa Shimmer as a blush. Versatility is what these products are all about🙌 You’ll just need a few dots (it’s highly pigmented) and blending it out for the perfect amount of glow and shimmer.

I premixed Mulberry and Shimmer Copper Rose for my eye look today. You can totally use the lid of your CCTM for premixing your ShadowSense’s, or any non-porous surface. You only need a little bit for it to last ALL DAY. 

I’m blending it all out using my Morphe brush. Let your brush do the work for you here! Apply it using gentle windshield wiper motions. I like to pull the color up onto my brow bone to give the illusion of bigger, brighter eyes. 

These two alone do give a lighter look but I am going to premix Shimmer Copper Rose with Candied Cocoa Shimmer to add to the outer corners of my eyes, just to deepen it up a bit.

I’m finishing off with Sandstone Pearl Shimmer to brighten the inner corners of my eyes✨I let it set for a few moments to allow it to remain pigmented. 

Last up, my SeneGence© mascara for fluffy, soft and non-flaky lashes that have all the volume.

I picked Girlfriend LipSense© as the perfect pink color to complete this soft look. 

I hope this was fun for you to see - a fun, pink, neutral Valentines Day look that wasn’t too over the top!



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