A Quick and Easy Hair Tie Hairstyle

A Quick Hair Tutorial featuring my favorite velvet hair tie

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The Quickest Hair Tutorial Everrrrr.

I’ve gotten sooooo many requests from my IG followers to show you how to use my hair ties! I get my favorite cute bunny ear ones from Asos - watch the tutorial on my IG stories or follow the steps below! 🎀


My hair is pretty short so I do need to use a couple of bobby pins to hold it in place in the back. 

Short Hair

First of all, you can use these hair ties in a bunch of different ways. You can do a braid and have it at the end, a low pony tail to show it off, half up/ half down or even a messy top knot bun. 

Here’s a super quick and simple messy bun tutorial:

I grab all of my hair with one hand. I use my other hand for the hair tie, keeping the bow/bunny ears in front.

I make sure the bunny ears are facing the front securely before twisting the hair tie so it tightens while I pull my hair through half way to create a bun. 

There are no rules, you guys! 😉🤘 You can pull it all the way through for a high pony tail!

Because my hair is so short I usually have a large chunk of hair hanging loose when I do a high hair style, so this is where bobby pins are so helpful! Does anyone else feel like bobby pins have this special talent of getting lost?😂🙈

The last thing I do is pull some hair out around my face. Pull from the roots to give a messy and loose look. 

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