5 Ways to Start your Business Off on the Right Foot

5 ways to start your business off on the right foot

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Today I’m going to share with you 5 strategy and business tools for building a successful business. Lets get right into it!


Goal setting

Create monthly goals and then daily goals. I created a goal to sell $3000 of product in a month. I then broke it down to work out how much I needed to sell per day. Then I worked to achieve those daily goals. This forces you to think creatively to complete your goals and creates a sense of urgency. Think realistically what goal you want to set that will be comfortable, and then stretch it a little bit. Read more about my process for goal setting here. 

Instagram and Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are huge for growth building. Stories are more natural and unposed than posts. They are more candid and people relate to that better than the posed instagram photos with well thought-out captions. Stories are super real and authentic and people can really get to know you. They are less curated than the posts. The way I did that was through “Get Ready with Me” videos. You don’t have to be a pro, just start with where you are at and you will get more comfortable. 


Provide Amazing Customer Service

Taking care of your customers and making them feel incredible goes a long way. Think about how to deliver a message that makes my people feel amazing, beautiful, valued, special and gets them excited about what they’ve purchased. For a lot of people spending money on themselves is rare and special so you need to make sure they feel excited about themselves for spending money with you. Treat them with grace and with love and make them feel special. Offer them free tips or goodies if you can and make them feel great for buying from you. Do follow ups with them asking how the product or your service is working for them. Use good grammar and be positive and energetic! If you are going to make them feel special, they are going to want to shop or use your service again. 

Brand Yourself 

It makes a huge difference for people wanting to follow your page and stay on your website if you’re using authentic, original content. Doing your own photography can be intimidating so here’s some tips for taking your own pictures. Search Pinterest for ideas! I add thank you notes to my product orders and wrap it in a piece of string - like a gift. This makes such a huge difference. There is a whole experience when working with or purchasing from me. 


“People buy what you’re offering because they trust you. Don’t get discouraged, it takes time for people to trust you.”



The name and the game of this industry is constancy. Growing your business will take time. Remember, it’s a marathon not a sprint. Do something each day that will move you closer towards your goal. It shows people that you are serious about your business if you are consistent.

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