5 Ways to Get Sales Through Instagram Content

Five Ways to Get more Sales Through posting on Instagram

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Creating Instagram content for my business is the part I find most fun and I feel that it gives me something to do with my creativity! Grab my 5 tips for getting more sales with your IG content below.


Sell your lifestyle, not your product

Whether its actual products or services it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that you’re not only selling these aspects but you’re actually trying to create and sell a brand. I encourage you to start small! Remember that you don’t need to be creating tons of stories and sharing your entire family life - I sure didn’t do any of this in the beginning. I started really slow and initially just shared about one of my products and then it evolved. Facts tell and stories sell. So when people come to your page you don’t want them to think “oh, this is just another LipSense girl - I’ve seen that before”, you want to draw them in by your photography or the insight they get through your IG stories or whatever story your page is telling them. If you use your own story, share your services as they relate to you and your life, and use your products yourself its going to paint a clear picture for how your customers can be using it in theirs, too. An easy way to look at it is that people want to have access and get to know YOU.


Know Your 5

I absolutely love Jenna Kutcher’s The Goal Digger Podcast where she talks about having 5 things that you continuously post about. It doesn’t have to be five but just having a couple of ideas for posts you can rotate through helps a ton. When you come to my IG page and watch my stories you’ll see that what I post (my “five” really) is all about sharing my beauty products, honest motherhood, my Nashville adventures, get ready with me stories. You won’t come to my page and see my planting a garden or sharing workout tips because that just isn’t my speciality. Whenever you get stuck, you just turn to your five and see what you haven’t posted about in a while. 


Make your feed aesthetically pleasing

Its so key to be taking the time to take and edit your own photos. If you don’t have time during the week then take them on the weekend. It all comes down to you wanting to make this business work and taking the time to create beautiful imagery for your feed to attract your viewers and grow your business. The top 9 photos on your Instagram feed are the determiners of if someone is going to follow you or not so make sure you look at it often. I honestly don’t do a ton of product photo’s and try to make sure my photos have a lot of life in them because those are the ones that tell a story. Faces, beauty and nature tell stories so this is what I like to look for. 

Create Urgency

This one you have to be super careful with, but it is so powerful! There is a fine line between urgency and desperation in sales so you’ve gotta be smooth with creating urgency 😎 You always want to come to your business and your IG stories from a place of abundance so that you’re saving yourself from feeling or acting desperate. Create opportunities without doing too many sales because then you’ll create a community who only purchases or waits for the sale. 

Be Consistent

Come on, you’ve heard this before. Right? Being consistent on Instagram means no one will ever wonder if you are still running your business or not. If you are on stories everyday and its your face or voice that’s showing up everyday its amazing what it will do for your business compared to just having photos that you’ve taken showing up in your feed. Show up every single day - I know that sounds so obnoxious, but really! Being present on social media and showing up in anything means you’ll see results. I hate to give you some tough love but honestly, if you’re not showing up and being consistent then your business won’t thrive and you won’t be getting consistent sales you so badly want. 


Before beginning a business IG account for This Beauty Called Ours, I was able to grow my personal Instagram account to over 12k followers. Since focusing more attention on growing my business account (and honestly slacking a lot on my personal one, we only have so much headspace, right?) I’ve noticed how the engagement has sort of reversed. I’ve really tried to cultivate a community on my business account. I’m now getting SO much more engagement on This Beauty Called Ours even though I have fewer followers! This is just my first hand experience of how giving attention to something or focusing on you Instagram means it will grow. It might not be as fast as me, its just crazy to me that it really does work! I’ve created an amazing, engaging community on IG and am so grateful ❤️

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