My 5 Minute Makeup Routine

My 5 minute makeup routine for busy lifestyles

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Get Ready with Me! 💄

Here's an easy 5 Minute Face makeup look I shared a while ago on my IG stories you can use to fit your busy lifestyle.


I love doing doing full face makeup tutorials where I try out new products or create specific looks but I hope you guys know that is not my life every single day. Sitting down with my camera is to show you these amazing products and helpful techniques, not to make you think that is my everyday morning routine. I hope it never comes across that way! 

Most days I’m in sweatpants and a mom bun and my makeup goes on after lunch, while the kids are playing or taking naps 😂 So here’s a typical everyday look for me!


“Rocking that mama life and loving it!”


What’s on my face?

Face: Color Correcting Tinted Moisturiser or light coverage. Gosh, could I love this stuff even more? 

Highlighter: EyeLuminator - an eye cream that is mixed with pearlizer for a slowly finish. Skin care that doubles as makeup 🙌

Bronzer: Bronze Dust Loose Powder - makes me look like I just went on a vacation 

Gloss: Bougainvillea Gloss

I hope this was helpful to see what I grab for each and every day! Whenever I do a start to finish makeup look its usually for a special event (or for your guys 😉). 

I really love how versatile these products are. I’m able to have fun creating simple makeup routines like this one, or full face looks - the products can be used in so many different ways. It’s so much fun! 

These 5 products are the perfect gift for Christmas and I just know your family and friends would absolutely fall in love with them. If you had any questions before making a purchase, shoot me a DM or contact me here ❤️


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