5 Minute Hair Tutorial | Beachy Waves for Short Hair

Beachy Waves for Short Hair - A 5 minute hairstyle

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Get Ready for My Go-To Hairstyle!

Today I’m showing you how I do my hair with this seriously easy hairstyle. Check out my IG highlights to see more hair how to stories or watch the video tutorial to see it live👇


Hairstyle How To:

The first thing I do is section off my hair - half goes up into a bun so I can work with the bottom half first. 

I use a 1” barrel curler and I start off in the front reverse curling it by wrapping my hair around the curling iron. 

I leave the little end section out and hold it for a few minutes before carefully letting it fall. Sometime I hold the curl for a second to give it that extra volume before letting it go. 

It’s going to look like a tight curl in the beginning but we’ll fix it later😉

Because my hair is pretty short I honestly just do this process for the front and for the back I use the clamp and just quickly go through it. Just curl them like normal👍

My goal for this look is for it to look “loose and messy” so I’m just grabbing the rest of the hair. 

Once the bottom half is done we work with the top🙌 I do one side and keep the other tied up. I curl using the same process as above. I always pay the most attention to the front curl because I feel like its the most important. 

Now don’t freak out if your hair is super curled and you like you’re going to be in some sort of stage production or show😂 We’re going to be using the flat iron now!

It’s going to feel like you’re going through your hair with the straightener and undoing everything you just did - and exactly what we’re doing. You’re doing to use the flat iron and loosely flatten the ends (about a third way up). 

It leaves the look feeling beachy and chill⛱ No products needed and it takes me about 5-10 minutes, doing this 2, maybe 3 times a week. 



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