10 Minute Curls

10 Minute Curls | A hair tutorial

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A Quick and Easy Hairstyle 💇🏻‍♀️

Today I’m sharing with you the only hairstyle I ever do - my 10 minute curls! It’s been like 7 month since I last saved “hair” stories to my IG story so it’s time for a refresher✨


I start off with a Blow Dry and brush out using my favorite Bath Pack brush. I use a comb to part it before I begin curling. 

I section off my hair and usually start with the left side of my hair first. Depending how long your hair is, you might have to do more sections. 

When I’m curling the back of my hair, I just do it quickly and don’t pay much attention to it besides clamping the hair for a few seconds and letting it drop. 

When I get to the front, I start wrapping my hair around the iron. I like to hold the curl for a second before dropping it to keep the volume and bounciness. What you do to one side, you do to the other. 

You’ll notice that at first the curls are pretty tight and I personally wouldn’t want my hair to look like Goldilocks😝 But don’t worry, we’ll fix it shortly 🤘

Now for the magic part - what brings the look together! I use my flat iron to straighten through the bottom third section of each curl. This takes the look from really tight curls to beachy waves! They’ll also relax as the day goes on. 

It’s such a simple and easy look and this honestly last me several days. It’s takes me less than ten minutes every week 🎉



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